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Luxury skincare from Switzerland
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​Discover an advanced range of skincare and successfully counteract the signs of aging starting today! A concentrated collection of care products developed in the prestigious laboratory of the Swiss Riviera offers efficiency and performance in every essential element. This cosmetic collection exudes innovation, quality, and luxury.



The Essence Of Beauty

​Monoi Tiki Tahiti reveals a diverse palette of scents with natural and irresistible fragrances. The essential ingredient in this collection is the highest-quality pure coconut oil.

Monoi is obtained through traditional methods of pressing and macerating the Gardenia flower, a practice that began as far back as 1942. All components are naturally sourced from the South Pacific island.

Exclusively produced within the traditional art of Tahitian massage, known as "Taurumi," it provides relaxation to muscles and releases deep tensions in the body's energy flow. Ideal for full-body treatments and hydration, Monoi Tiki Tahiti can also be used for hair care and hydration.


​We are deeply committed to our customers, and to ensure that they always receive the highest quality products, we continue to develop and provide premium products. To achieve this, we establish significant collaborations with trusted partners to reach each of our customers with our exceptional products.

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